Web site that sells sedums

TreeClimber16(z5 MI)February 20, 2002

Does anyone know of a good source, website or catalog, for a variety of sedums?

I am most interested in the low growing varieties, not the tall ones such as autumn joy.

I have a sandy area where I stuck a couple last year and they grew ........... nothing else will grow there.

Thanks for any help,

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ereilly(Z7 So. Oregon)

I have used Squaw Mountain for several years. They have a very large selection. They grow sedums, sepervivums and rosularias. I am lucky enough to live about five hours away and have visited several times. I wind up spending hours there.I have been pleased with the prices and quality of the plants.

The web site is http://www.squawmountaingardens.com/

Another source but more limted in selection is High Country Gardens. They specialize in xeric (dry climate) plants. They have many herbaceous perennials but also carry cactus and other succulent type plants, not sure about sedums in particular.


I am assuming you are looking for hardy plants. Squaw Mountain has both hardy and tender. You might also look at the cactus mall but it tends toward the more tender varieties.


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gardenmom(z4 WA)

I'm a fan of Squaw Mountain, too. I placed my first order last year. They were a bit slow in filling it, but the plants that came were all in good shape, and they gave me 2 bonus plants. Only draw back is there are no pictures on their website and you have to really hunt on-line to try and find a picture. My treat to myself this year will be to order 5 different hens and chicks and maybe 2 or 3 sedums.

You can also take a look at the plant exchange board. I've seen a few listings for sedums lately.

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TreeClimber16(z5 MI)

Thanks for the great websites. I think I may have to invest in a book on sedums so I can pick out the varieties I want. (If such a thing is available) I'm off to Amazon to see if I can find one.

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TreeClimber16(z5 MI)

I couldn't find a book that is still in print or available used.
But I did find anothe online source that also has good pictures.

Black Cat Nursery

Here is a link that might be useful: Black Cat Nursery

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Datdog(z7 NJ)

I know your ordering sedums this message mainly pertains to the semps, but -----PLEASE double check your plants for root mealies and other type of bugs when ordering from the more popular semp. sites. Another tip is to NOT order any semps in the fall. My last order came with a few extra critters- some that can destroy a entire collection. A VERY SERIOUS BUG!!!! I'm actually NOT ordering any semps this year. After my fall scare I CAN'T risk my collection.
Also Tree Climber I can send you a variety of sedums for postage when the weather warms up.

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sbeas(z7 OK)

Forest Farm catalog has a good number of sedums. Online, they are www.forestfarm.com Sharon

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ldymacearle(z6 Canada)

Does anyone know of a Canadian supplier for sedum/stonecrop seeds?
please contact me directly at:-

Thank you

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jderosa(z6 NJ)

I love Squaw Mtn. I suggest that you give them a call, and ask for an assortment (costs about $35 to $50) and specify the type of plants that you want.

I got a great instant collection of both Sempervivum and Sedum this way. It cost $100, but I ended up with over 35 varieties - more than enough to find which beauties would do best for me in my less than perfect conditions.

Joe 'sometimes you have to spend a little money' DeRosa

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flowerfloosey(z8 NCal mnts)

Has anyone seen the website HenandChicks.com?
They have a wonderful website with lots of pictures of semps but I ordered two weeks ago and they said that they shipped over a week ago and no plants. They don't answer my e-mail and there is no phone number!! I spent over 45.00 and am wondering if I have been duped??
Anyone else?

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ray_in_nc(z7, NC)

A couple of people asked about books on sedums. I would HIGHLY recommend "Sedum: Cultivated Stonecrops" by Ray Stephenson. It's available at Amazon for about $35. You can also get it from your local library -- they probably won't own it themselves, but they can easily get it for you through interlibrary loan. Here's the information you would need:

Stephenson, Ray.
Sedum : cultivated stonecrops.
Portland, Or. : Timber Press, 1994.
ISBN: 0881922382
LCCN: 93-683

It's really a great book for sedum enthusiasts and is a must-read when you're ordering plants because of its wonderfully detailed descriptions of sedum varieties.


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Check out Squaw mountain again gardenmom. They have pictures now!!

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check out Stepables.com. They sell groundcover perennials that are in cute pots. Many varieties of sedum and great for rock gardens. They spread pretty fast also! Good Luck!

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Try santarosagardens.com...they've got sedums, semps, echeveria...lots of xeriscape grasses too. Another to try would be highcountrygardens.com...they also offer cacti and native grasses for southwestern us. Santa Rosa Gardens has a tray of semp plugs at a pretty good deal and a nice mix of sedum in pots.

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