Garlic seed for sale in spring

kioni(3)July 2, 2012


If garlic is to be planted in the fall, why is it that all the nurseries and box stores are offering it in the spring? Should I have purchased it then, and stored for the summer to plant in fall?

I plan on ordering through a mail order that will ship in September, but am wondering for next year, since that will save me the cost of shipping.


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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

The garlic (mostly hardnecks) that I harvested last fall seemed to store until April - May. I checked thoroughly in June and many were dried up - nearly woody. In April-May, many came out of dormancy, even though I stored them in a dark, cool basement area.

I did harvest way late last year, which could definitely affect storage, but I would not buy in the spring, unless you were going to plant the cloves in the same spring.

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I agree with austinnhanasmom.

My local farm supply store does the same thing as the box stores and offers them in the early spring. I think that the problem is that if they offered them in the fall there would be few takers. Most gardening sales seem to be in the spring when people get spring fever. Fruit trees, shrubs, etc. are the same way.

If you had to buy a variety in the spring, plant it. It was probably harvested last summer and is unlikely to make it an entire year before replanting. The heads will end up smaller at first but by year 2 or 3 they will size up.

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gemini_jim(7 MD)

You're in a very different winter situation than many of us, so some varieties (softnecks) may do better with a spring planting in your area. The thing is, though, you should be able to set aside enough of your harvest next year for the next planting, and you won't have to buy more unless you want new varieties. In that case, the mail order is going to have much more to offer.

Another good option is to look at what local farms are offering and plant some of those. Then you can be sure they will do okay in your area.

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