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adidas(6/7)February 9, 2013


I'm a bit new to "large" (large for me is 2 acres :)scale gardening and need a little advice! I'm living on what appears to be a rock bed in the Appalachian Mts...Northern VA bordering W.Va. The previous owners appear not to have liked the terrain and it appears that they covered it liberally with hay which has seeded itself. The property is also overrun w/brambles, canes, bittersweet and grapevine. The hay comes up fairly easily but it's some task doing this by hand. What kind of rake could I use for this? Is there anything that would make the area less attractive to the vines? The understory is largely spicebush (Lindera benzoin), paw paw etc. I am trying not to disturb the natives and I am not interested in "landscaping" other than starting moss on the rocks and throwing some Asclepias seeds around. Any advice? Thank-you!

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Sounds like you need a weed eater , a pick, shovel, hoe, a good set of loppers. I think one can kill the hay by putting a tarp down, area by area , but then one still needs to worry about the seeds. Cardboard will also retard the light from germinating the seed and then one can build up the soil for the moss. I am a Texan , so I would find local advice also. Usually I just lurk around. My rock garden is a cactus garden on a hillside, so you can take my advise with a barrel of salt.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

I might look at a dethatching rake, and see if that will help.

I'm guessing the easiest way to discourage assorted brambles and vines is with shade. If you allow the area to become reforested, I'll bet that will do the trick. Of course, you will have to keep the vines off the trees, especially the bittersweet.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

It sounds like you need a land restoration formum. good luck on that one.I do that here . I have mountain ashe cedar out the wazoo in my canyon area That I need to trim about 1.5 acres a year. It is a tough job. the chainsaw is my best friend.Are you adverse yo poisons? one could paint the bases with something like Remedy on the ones that one can not pull out. I have poison oakand Green briar I have to attack this year.

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