Garlic losing flavor when cooked?

wertach zone 7-B SCJuly 30, 2012

I grew Italian Late and German Porcelian garlic over the winter, first time growing them. I harvested and cured them a few weeks ago.

I brought in 2 heads to cook with this weekend. I used a clove in some scrambled eggs and I couldn't taste it! I ate a raw clove and it was hot and strong.

I put a whole peeled and crushed 2 1/2" head in the crock pot with about a quart southern peas. No garlic flavor, only a hint of garlic in the smell!

I got them mixed up so I'm not sure which is which. I think it is the Italian since it has a red tint on the skin.

Are they just supposed to be eaten raw? I'm baffled!

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I read that to tame the flavor, add garlic at the beginning of cooking and to keep it hot, add at the end.

Maybe the duration and temps affect the flavor?

The kinds that I have are usually overwhelming when raw but still have a punch once cooked.

I don't have either that you have.

Spanish Roja is a favorite at our house.

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

My thoughts:
Until it cures to the point that the skin is dry around the inner clove, garlic still in the 'fresh' state. As you found out, fresh garlic loses it's flavor very quickly when cooked.
Add it towards the end of cooking or use it raw if you want more bite.

When your garlic cures for about 6 weeks or so, depending on conditions, it'll have more bite to it and will continue to gain in storage.
Keep in mind that Italian late and german white are both only mild-medium flavored garlics and will never be super potent.


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I cooked my Shantung Purple and experienced the same as you. However, Spanish Roja just was amazing in a sauce I made. I've read depending on the soil and growing conditons, the flavors fluctuate. And yes, some are better fresh, some better cooked. Like Austinnhanasmom, the Spanish Roja is a favorite, this is my first time trying these as well as the SP. They say, garlic isn't just garlic, it's fun to experiment and see how different they really are. As Madroneb says, the flavor does get better with age.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Thanks Mark, The skin wasn't dry around the inner clove, just the outside cloves.

I reheated the peas and added some fresh crushed and chopped after taking them out of the microwave, I let it sit about 10 minutes. Yummy!

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