Can I Grow It and When?

brkieffner(5B)July 13, 2011

I am wanting to plant garlic, onions and shallots among my roses and some of my beds. Everything I've read talks about Shallots and Garlic generally being Fall planted, however the Purdue Horticultural PDF for Indiana mentions that they are Spring planted. This results in smaller bulbs though. In my zone, would I be okay planting them in the Fall? Can onions be Fall planted like the garlic and shallots? And last but not least, when should I plant them? September? October? I'm new to growing these babies but I LOVE roasted onions and I use garlic in almost everything and shallots I've always wanted to try.

Thanks for all the help and opinions!

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We just harvested some of our onions and all of our garlic today. The onions were planted in late April from plants and the garlic last September from bulbs.
I've never tried fall planting onions. I'd be afraid of them bolting next year making your crop worthless.

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I'm in Northern KY, 2hrs from Indy. I planted garlic for the first time in early March. I harvested one
about a week ago and the cloves are so tiny that it's probably not even worth the time to peel them. :(

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