How much stem is needed for sedum telephium cuttings?

steve22802(7a VA)March 31, 2004

Hi all,

I'd like to propagate lots of cuttings from my sedum telephiums, Autum Joy as well as two other varieties of telephiums. My established plants have just a few inches of growth right now and I'd like get the cuttings started soon. Does anyone have advice regarding what the minimum length for the cuttings should be?



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paul299(z4 Minnesota)

Wait till the plants are full size and use leaf cuttings.

If you want large plants- remove the entire stems in June and place the entire stem on a bed of peat-sand mix and cover the stems but try to leave the foliage exposed to light and keep moist. Each stem will produce about 20 plants.

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steve22802(7a VA)

Thanks for your advice Paul. :)

My established plants are putting out about 15-20 stems each right now. How would it work if I wait a few more weeks until the stems are about 6 inches long, then cut all the stems off the established plants and plant all the stems right where I want them in the new bed? With my smaller sedums (spurium, rupestre, kamtschaticum, etc.) I frequently take 50-100 tip cuttings and use them to directly establish new plantings. Can't I do the same thing with the larger sedums?

It sounds like with the second method you suggest, laying a longer stem horizontal with leaves sticking up, I could make a lot more plants at once. Is it correct to assume that a plant will form at each leaf node? From your post it sounds like this method produces larger plants than with leaf cuttings, is that correct?

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paul299(z4 Minnesota)

Tghe upright Sedum root easy and you can take tyhe stems and plant in the soiland kepwateredforafewweeksandthey will grow roots.

The leafcuttings make small plants.

Laying the stems produces a plant sometimes at each leaf axis. The plants form thick strong roots and stems much faster than stem cuttings.

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MeMyselfAndI(5/6 central OH)

Even the smallest pieces (about 1") that I stick in the ground start to grow. They look like sempervivums at first, but they grow. I agree with Paul, they seem to 'root & shoot' at each buried node, especially if buried at an angle, or even horizontally. Yes, tiny cuttings will start tiny plants, but they will mature with time. I've already taken cuttings of many of my Sedums, even some of the smaller ones like 'Dragon's blood,' 'Bertram Anderson' and 'Lidakense' that are only up about 1". The 'Autumn Joy' are only about 3" tall yet, but I stuck cuttings from them all over the place yesterday. I just pinch it off, poke a hole, stick in the cutting, and snug the soil around it.

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