elephant garlic

albertar(z7 LINY)July 6, 2005


I'm relatively new to this forum but have been reading most of the postings, including searching for more info on elephant garlic. I had bought a head of it in the fall, planted it and just harvested it the other day, have to say I'm happy with the way it turned out, but my question is :can garlic be planted in the same area it grew in previously or does it need to be rotated as with other crops? The area I planted it in (small raised bed) had held carrots the year before, I pulled the carrots in the fall, dug in some compost then planted the garlic bulbs, left them over winter, mulched with oak leaves and waited patiently to see them die down, pulled them and was thrilled with the harvest. Thanks in advance for all answers.


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ellen_(z5 NY)

I don't know if all will agree, but as long as the soil is worked and fed, I'd say sure. I plant a lot of my garlic exactly where it was the year before. I have a small yard with limited space. As some crops need more sun than garlic, such as peppers or tomatoes, it often has to get relegated to areas which are sunny, but not ideal for the former. I just rework the soil toward the end of the summer, add more compost and bonemeal and then plant. Once the plants are up in the spring and it has begun to warm up, I start feeding it with seaweed and more compost. Garlic likes loose soil with lots of organic matter. As long as your soil is welll-fed, I think you'll be fine.

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albertar(z7 LINY)

Thanks Ellen, I too have a small yard, and as long as I know what to do now, I'll do it, :)

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Nelz(z5b/6 NW PA)

Alberta, welcome!

I agree with Ellen. The main problems with not rotating are build up of pests, and reduction in soil quality.

So, as long as pests are not an issue, and you are mindful of feeding your soil, paying attention to the crops special needs, I would think you'd be okay.

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