Semp question

xanadu(8/9 N.CA)March 9, 2004

A few of my semps, very small varieties, have formed a tower of dead plant material and are consequently at the top of a stalk. The old dead leaves are very hard, crusty and not easily removed, unlike most other semps, whose dead leaves simply disappear or pull off easily. Is this normal for certain varieties or do I have a problem with, say, drainage or something that is causing this to occur. Again it's only a few of my varieties that do this.

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I think this is likely to be the habit of particular varieties. You can always remove rosettes to make new plants if the old ones are looking past their best. Nature doesn't always set out to make plants and animals aesthetically pleasing for we humans to enjoy.

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Dave_zone_5(Zone 5a/4b Wisc)

If the stalk is bare except for at the top you can wait awhile to see if new growth fill in otherwise you can try replanting it so only the top is above the soil level. I have a few varieties of tender succulents that I overwintered indoors.

Most of the rosette types came through fine, but the longer types some of them have lost their lower leaves. Those that lost their lower leaves also seem to have stretched a bit in the lower light. My "solution" is to turn the lower portion of the plant into roots by burying it.

You have nothing to lose and don't be surprised if this results in new shoots coming up along the length of the buried stem.

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I was told by someone that grows all types of semps that the reds are not as hardy and tend to bolt. Thats a shame because the reds are so nice. Has anyone else noticed this about the reds? Bev

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