OK to Plant Shallot Bulbs?

AvidGardenerCTJuly 10, 2012

I bought some shallot bulbs last fall and planted them at the same time as my new garlic bulbs.

I harvested the shallots on July 3 because they had died down - good harvest, and they are wonderful! Now I'm wondering: should I replant some of them now for a fall harvest?

Since harvesting, I read that shallots "take 45 days," and most people plant them in the spring. Why not plant them in the summer for a September harvest?

I live in Connecticut, zone 5 - Thanks for any insights!

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

I'm curious where you read that shallots take 45 days.
If I plant sets in the fall, they are done the following summer (if they don't bolt). If I seed in the late winter/early spring, they are done in late summer.
Either way it's well over 100 days.

My thoughts are to plant again the same time you did in the fall. If it worked once it'll probably work again.
I've never heard of planting alliums in the summer (except seeding overwintering types).
Good luck.

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