How to transport river rock??

beauxhausMarch 23, 2007

I'm clearing Mexican river rock from the narrow atrium at the back of my house and need to get it to the driveway around front, where the non-profit garden to whom I'm donating the rock can pick it up. I have A LOT of it and can't believe how heavy this stuff is. Anyone moved this much rock before? Advice, please!

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How about a trolley ?

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robin303(8b Tx)

I use five gallon buckets.

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jim_dandy(z6 PA)

I sure seems like there should be an easier way but there usually isn't. When I have had to move rocks IÂve employed different methods. When I was gathering large flagstone from a river bed I would lean them up against a tree or other rocks then back myself up to it and hoist it up onto my back and "granny" walk it (hunched over) up the hill to my truck. With smaller rocks I tried buckets but that really strains your shoulders so I got out my old Danish army backpack. I would put a piece of plywood on my wheel barrow to make a mobile table. Then set the backpack on the "table" fill it with rocks then put on the pack. the "table" puts the weight at a nice height so that you don't have to strain yourself lifting it. I also have an old red wagon that I often use for moving just about everything. My Dad uses an old car hood turned upside down with a chain attached as a "rock sled" which he attaches to the truck hitch or in tighter spaces the garden tractor. If it is still too much work you can usually find cheap labor in neighborhood kids. I hope this helps you. Good luck and try not to hurt yourself.

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Jillofall(z5 CO)

I use a dolly, the kind you would use to move a 50 gallon drum. It has inflated tires and can carry several hundred lbs. You can put the smaller rocks in a bucket and move the bucket with the dolly. I use my dolly for flagstone by tilting the flagstone onto it, and off I go. I could NEVER carry those piece on my back! --Kris

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Can you tie a wheelbarrel to the back of a riding lawn mower and haul them out that way?
I think if area permitted, that might be the best way..

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