Could I grow onions in winter

lizzsliliesJuly 22, 2013

Could I plant some onions in the fall and they would grow over the winter here in Michigan zone 5b? Would they grow, could I harvest them in the spring? We do get snow, and it does get to about 10 degrees or below so i'm thinking they wouldn't grow but if they were covered could they?

i'm asking cause i about some onion sets this spring but i didn't have the room to plant them and i dont want them to go to waist, right now they are sitting in the basement so they don't spoil

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

The bulbs will become dormant over the winter and will not grow. In the south (eg. Atl, GA) garlics planted in late OCT-NOV, would grow top and over winter, BUT will not grow any bigger until the next spring. I had also planted fall onions that overwintered and resumed growth in the spring. In the said location, we had 3 months of cold and snow, temp down to mid teens. Mid March spring starts there.

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