Mertensia primuloides

yellow_bear_1(z4 (5) SD)March 30, 2004

Hey everybody, I'm looking for plants of Mertensia primuloides. Saw a photo with no added info in the Timber Press's Book of Blue Flowers. Beautiful, and rich blue. Primula habit. Anybody have any ideas where I might find them? Anybody seen them anywere? And in case anyone else is interested in beautiful Mertensias, Laporte Avenue Nursery in Fort Collins, CO is carrying the lovely Mertensia maritima. It has big round powder blue leaves the size of silver dollars and then the beautiful blue bells. Thanks for any help. Tom

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I don't have a lead for you on M. primuloides.

But two other dwarf Mertensias suitable for the rock garden that I grow are M. alpina, and M. lanceolata. These are quite similar to one another as I recall. Small flowers opening pink then turning sky blue. Bluish, fleshy foliage.

I also grow M. maritima.

I agree, choice plants.

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yellow_bear_1(z4 (5) SD)

Glen, you are growing in a zone 3!! Bravo! Any tips for growing the Mertensia maritima? I hear they can be a bit tricky.
I posted my search in the perennials forum and someone there directed me to the Evermay Nursery site on line.
They carry the Mertensia primuloides and some other gems.

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