Large onions

ct_tom(6)July 1, 2010

Living in ct I was never able to get onions to grow larger than 1-1.5 inches.

Can anyone tell me what they do to get large onions. When to plant, what type of onion, fertilizer, watering....etc..

Thanks in advance.

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There are several items essential to large onions:

- Buy onion plants as opposed to sets
- Grow a long day variety in CT (Walla Walla works very well)
- Plant at the right time (for CT that's around April 15)
- Give them room, spacing onions 6" apart in rows that are 12" apart.
- Fertilize with a high nitrogen fertilizer for strong top growth, starting three weeks after planting, then every month ending in mid May.
- Keep the onions weed free - they do not like competition. A good mulch helps.
- Water at least 1" per week - onions like water.


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kmatcek(z8 lufkin TX)

onions like a very light soil around them. What I do is use a hose end sprayer and wash most of the soil away from the bulb so it is just bearly there. if planted too deep they will stay small no mater what.

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I agree with TomNJ but I plant mine in a wide row of 4 on 10 inch centers.and I plant them to the depth of the first joint on my index finger.Walla walla is a very good onion but the regular candy will keep longer.Everyone gardens a little different experment a little and do what works best for you!!! Good gardening to ya!!! YOPPER

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