Garlic Varieties that are good in Phoenix?

serakiJuly 19, 2007

Wondering who plants garlic in their veggie gardens here? I am getting ready to purchase some bulbs for planting in the fall, but didn't want to buy things that won't do as well in our climate.

I want something with a spicier/fuller flavor, and will store as long as possible. I would also like to plant several varieties, so I can have a change every once in a while.

I'm planning on having at least 50 plants.

Thanks for any info!

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Bummer, I was curious to know too

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twosunsaz(z9 AZ)

I`ve had pretty good success with Romanian Red,Leningrad,
Lorz Italian, Inchelium Red, Chinese Pink,Burgandy and
Less success with Music, Siberian,Xian. Hoping these 3 will
eventually acclimate & do very well here. Being "Hardnecks"
they `re not supposed to do well here, but Romanian Red and
Leningrad are "Hardnecks" also ,so... I`ve got high hopes!
Generally speaking "Softnecks" do better in our climate,
but "Hardnecks" have more flavor and are therefore worth trying.
Hope this helps ~ Scott ~

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coho(z8/9 N. Calif)

I was in Chandler, Az about 12 years ago and A TV program featured a man who was growing over 80 varieties of garlic from very mild to very hot. Some hard necks do well where it is hot. I have an unnamed purple stripe which does well up to 100 F and I have one which doesn't do well at even 90F.

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