soil amendments & fertilizer for shallots

christiemoreen(z8 Seattle)July 13, 2005

Are shallots heavy feeders like garlic? I'm planting them near each other--should I use the same amendments(bone meal, blood meal, wood ash)? Should I fertilize them in the spring? Thanks in advance!

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paquebot(Z-4b WI)

If I ever come close to rotating allium crops, it's only when shallots end up where garlic and onions were and v.v. I used to think that shallots would grow anywhere and in any soil and they did! That was before I learned that the size of the bulbs seemed directly in proportion to the richness of the soil. Now I fertilize or prepare the shallot areas just as if it were for garlic or onions. Bone meal is a great addition as all alliums love extra phosphorus. Blood meal would be a great side-dressing fertilizer. However, I don't personally use wood ashes. Virtually all of my soil is acidic and I work hard to keep it that way for other reasons.


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christiemoreen(z8 Seattle)

Thanks Martin. I'll take your advice. Last year I planted the garlic and shallots in poor soil, and the bulbs on both were ever so small. I'll get the soil ready this time!

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paquebot(Z-4b WI)

Just to be different, and to eventually prove a point, I was planting shallots today in 90+F weather! Managed to get another shallot offer that I could not refuse and I wasn't about to let a lot of good bulbs end up in a compost pile. 14 packages of 10 Pikant shallots plus some more Goldens came looking for a home, and just in time. One garlic area was harvested in the past few days and was waiting for something else. Some rich compost and bone meal were worked in and about 65 of the best shallot bulbs planted. I only want them to grow enough to survive the winter and both varieties should make me very happy about this time next year.


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mindsmile(z5 ma.)

I'll be pulling/digging my shallots tomorrow Martin,meant to do it today.I had good results with large red type,as for the Goldens you generously sent me late last year I only had 4 overwinter-2have 3 and 2 have 4-I will only be tasteing a few and replanting the dozen I think.They are smaller than those I have been growing.Are they naturally a smaller variety and whats your size been like with the goldens?
With my red variety last year I didn't even know to wait till they fell over and yellowed and pulled them still fully green but they were large.I had to wait about 3 weeks for them to dry down and cure a bit.I know better now.
Thanks again

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paquebot(Z-4b WI)

Golden shallots are running a bit behind 2004 for overall size. This will be the year when half of the bulbs will be perfect size for planting. A bit too much shade, too much heat, and not enough water has kept the size down. It wasn't the best year for them but could have been much worse.

In contrast, I'm happily surprised with the Pikants which I planted about this time last year. There wasn't any place to plant many and then half were shaded out by other vegetation. Then I heard from one member who wasn't impressed with them. The survivors have turned out to be the largest shallots that I've ever seen! I gave several bulbs to 4 other gardening friends this evening and all had never seen shallots so large!

The Pikants good size is what made me decide to use a portion of one garlic area just for them. Ground was already almost rich enough for another season of garlic. It still would only have received compost anyway but would have been fallow for the next 7 or 8 weeks. Instead, garlic came out and shallots went right back in.


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mindsmile(z5 ma.)

Pulled the Golden shallots that you sent late last fall Martin.
I couldn't wait and sliced 1 up to try right out of the garden,My Golden had a totally different taste than my larger red type.
The Golden had an oniony flavor with just a late bit of heat that tickled the underside of the cheek.My red type has fully the onion/garlic flavor mix.
Looks like I'll be waiting for them to cure and store a few three months before I try another to see if taste developes over time.LOL probably and I should have waited,cooking the 3/4 bulb that was left.Can't wait to see how the taste comes out in the extra chicken thats cooking away in a roaster out on and in the covered grill.

I got my dozen,4large,5medium and 3 just a bit smaller.Not any real small ones that I'll have to plant back,the smallest is about double the size of a standard radish(actually 2&1/2inches)and all are quite round.
Is Golden always mostly round?My reds are more on the teardrop or whatever kinda shape.

I did find a bonus 2 Golden plants out in the new front garlic row (off to the side) that I barely remember sticking there(just came back to me while I was wracking my brain thinking about the cold wet day I put them in.Hit 88(realfeel 95/96)with all the high 80+% humidity this afternoon.So I have 5 more bulbs than I thought.

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