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dgkritch(Z8 OR)July 12, 2006

I dug up my garlic on Sunday, removed most of the dirt and set them in a wicker basket (very loosely, lots of air around each) to dry.

1. When can I braid them and hang them up?

2. How/where do you store the cloves you intend to use for planting this fall?



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makalu_gw(z5b NY)


I don't braid mine (hardnecks really don't like to braid!) but a quick search of this forum for those folks that do seems to indicate that you'll want to wait until the garlic is fully dried down - probably another week or two if you dug on Sunday - and then do the braiding to get a nice tight braid that doesn't get loose if the garlic necks shrink a little more.

Once the garlic is fully cured and the tops are crispy, I cut the stalks off leaving around an inch or so of stem, cut the roots down to around a quarter of an inch and then take the planting stock and hang it in a mesh bag in an open pantry. Actually, any area that has good ventilation, out of direct sunlight and not in the low 40's to high 50's (which seems to be the prime zone for garlic to want to start sprouting again) would be a good choice.

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

Thank you.
The necks even seemed to damp to braid now, but not sure how it's going to work if they are really brittle/dry??
Or do they stay pliable for a long time (2 weeks)?

I will store my "planters" as suggested!

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makalu_gw(z5b NY)

If the braids really feel brittle and dry, maybe just misting them with a little water will rehydrate just enough to allow them to braid? I'd imagine just a really humid day would be enough to get them soft enough after 2 weeks.

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garliclady(z7 NC)

I do lots of braids each year and most are braides in september after a June harvest so mine are dry. The best thing to do is set them under a shade tree on a very humid day. Or if you don't have the humidity we do just put a damp towel over the leaves or spray the leaves with a little water.

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