Need help to identify this garlic

braeburn040(2B/3 BC)July 25, 2013

I had this garlic given to me a number of years ago, The man that gave it to me thought it was a Hungarian variety. I grow 8 other varieties including this one and I know the names of the other ones. I have other pictures, but I couldn't figure out how to get them all in this posting.
The garlic always grows one or two sets of bulbils in stead of a normal scape. the root system is smaller than my other garlic, and the casing around the clove is very thin and difficult to remove, and also the size rarely exceeds 2" in diameter, its a very flavourful garlic. I just thought there may be someone out there that could come up with a name or type. It's a hardneck for sure. Thank you.

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

Not much to go on, but if it's a hardneck with no scape it could be a Turban, Asiatic, or Creole.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garlic overview

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braeburn040(2B/3 BC)

Thank you madroneb,that is a useful link, I think it resembles the Asiatic type as it is smaller, and has a very fine clove cover, and fits the other description as well. If I leave it in the ground too long it will wither to the bottom and the bulbs separate before some of my other varieties are ready!

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I have not seen bulbils on it, but your photo resembles 'Blossom' which is sold by Southern Exposure Seed Exchange as an Asiatic. It is very early for me, with a scant root system. Before curing it tasted very mild and was great in raw dishes. Haven't tasted it since it's been cured, so it probably has changed.

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braeburn040(2B/3 BC)

Hi Planatus
In a row, not all the plants have bulbils, some just have a normal scape like regular hardnecks, but some have two levels of bulbils with out a regular scape I don't expect to get the exact name but the fact that it is likely an Asiatic variety is great, as the fellow that gave me the seed thought it was Hungarian! Thank you for the reply.

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gemini_jim(7 MD)

Actually, the bulbils half way up the stalk are characteristic of some artichoke varieties. I've seen it in Inchelium Red (2 out of about 30 plants this year). Asiatics and Turbans usually have a fully formed scape (100% scaping for Blossom and Asian Tempest for me this year).

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

Jim, maybe on your varieties you have scapes but asiatics and turbans are referred to as "weakly bolting hardnecks" for a reason, because often they don't.

When I grew Asian Tempest, they certainly did all scape. I remember them having a beautiful orange color on the beak. But all the Turbans, Asiatics, and Creoles are their own thing and while classified as "hardneck", seem to have adapted very differently along the way.

This year I upped my planting of Shandong, a beautiful turban, and I might have cut 50 scapes from 1000 plants. Many of them formed bulbils in the stalk (like artichokes), but most just fell like softneck with no scapes at all.

Then there's the Korean Red, an asiatic. Out of 50 plants, a handful made normal scapes but many formed strange, half scapes that never fully emerged. And again, many made bulbils in the stalks. See the link below for pics and more details.

This still doesn't solve the OP's question, but I hope it doesn't confuse it any more either.


Here is a link that might be useful: different kind of scape

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