Fresh garlic supposed to be so 'wet' inside?

pdxmarkJuly 13, 2009

I tried to wait to harvest my garlic until 1/3 or more leaves were brown. I think I did, but maybe I fudged it a little. Anyway, after a couple weeks of the garlic hanging in the warm garage to cure, the first cloves from the first head seem pretty moist inside and don't give alot of garlic-y pulp when crushed. Did I harvest too early or will they dry/cure over time?


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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Gosh! I'm the same as you. My first attempt at planting sprouting garlic cloves was a couple months ago. I stuck em in by the roses because aphids don't like garlic. And I recently noticed all that green was dying, so I dug em up. Braided them together, and hung them on a boganvilla vine to dry.

They are absolutely delicious!!

You can freeze garlic, so I may have to do that, but I am happy with this first attempt. Mine are not wet inside. Just yummy. Maybe because I dried them in the sun?

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They should cure in time. Make sure they have good air circulation. If you can't leave some windows open in the garage, consider hanging them outside under a roof or in an airy shed, protected from rain.


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Thanks TomNJ. I think there's pretty good air circulation in the garage. I've tried just a soft neck so far. Next I'll try one of the hard necks.

In retrospect, I suppose i should have known the issue when I cut the head off it's leaves. The stalk wasn't dry all the way through when I cut it. That might be the sign that it's cured.

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I've noticed the fresh garlic I get from a local farmer (I haven't grown my own successfully yet) seems "wetter" and crispier inside, almost more like an onion than store bought garlic.

I assumed it's either because of freshness or a varietal difference.

Sure is yummy though!

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