Washing garlic after harvest

wcthomasJuly 11, 2006

While most growers seem to recommend that garlic not be washed with water after harvest and before curing, I have found some who do say to wash. This year I washed my softnecks with a strong but fine spray from the hose after digging, set them in the sun for an hour to dry, and then hung them under a roof to cure. They look so nice when clean and I have not observed any problems, but wanted to see what others have experienced.



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gardenlad(6b KY)

You're right on both counts, Tom.

Most authorities recommend against washing. But several of us here, me among them, wash all the time.

Rather than using a hose, I swish them around in a pail of water, one at a time, until all (or most) of the dirt has come off. Then I do pretty much as you do, letting them air dry, and then hanging.

I do not set them in the sun, though, because that can actually cook the cloves. Instead, I lay them out in a warm, airy location out of the sun. And as soon as they are dry they get bundled and hung to cure.

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Thanks, Gardenlad! Just wanted to make sure there was not some unknown harm I needed to worry about.

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gardenlad(6b KY)

The only possible harm is if they remain wet for any length of time. That can lead to rot.

But even if they're damp, they should cure properly when hung. That's no different, really, than lifting them from moist soil and hanging directly.

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