Hens & Chicks

Cinster(5 CNY)April 22, 2004

I inherited 3 pots of these little guys. How do I care for them? One pot is the kind that has holes along the sides and they are sticking out. The other two a big round kettles.

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Mitsy(z9 far No. CA)

My semps like a gritty soil and semi-shady conditions in the summer, full sun in the winter. Let the soil dry between waterings, then give it a good drenching--if you can, avoid getting the leaves wet.
I grow them in pots and in the ground around rockery.

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I've got them growing in the holes in the cinderblocks that support my rainbarrel- they like the extra drainage, it seems. actually, good drainage is the most imporant thing for them- they didn't seem to mind this winter, and it was ugly down here- lost my fig tree kinda winter.

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qbirdy(z4/5 Central NY)

Well, I grow my hens and chicks in a rock wall, but we also have them growing in the gaps of cement blocks and in the flower garden. They will take full sun no problem in Syracuse (i'm up in Pulaski and grew up in Phoenix NY and e've never had trouble with Hens and chicks) As long as the containers they are in drains ok they should be good to go. If you want to plant them in the ground I would add sand to the clay and put them on a south sunny area, with some drainage. Where abouts near Syracuse are you? There are several good nurseries in the area that can help and give you advice on what will grow locally. Happy Gardening!


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steve22802(7a VA)

Don't add fine sand to clay. You will end up with concrete. Add really coarse sand or even small gravel. Like Mitsy said, semps like a gritty soil .

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lunargoddess36(z5/Central NY)

I live in the Mohawk Valley area and am a newbie to the Hens&Chicks. I have a beautiful Sempervivum x "Purple Beauty" I just bought the other day. I am getting ready to transplant it. I have about a dozen buds and was thinking about taking 6 of them and create seperate plants. How easy is this? Is there anything special I need to do like get them to root first? I am good at this...I have a ton of clippings in my window sills currently rooting like nuts! LOL

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i believe you can just pull it off and plant them in soil.

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