Tops Completely Brown, Dead or Not?

lois(PA Zone 6)July 4, 2010

I planted some smallish garlic bulbils (biggest ones about size of end of pinkie) in a container late last fall.

They grew greens and looked good most of the summer. 2 produced scapes with bulbils.

A family illness distracted me from tending the garden for a month during some very hot weather.

When I examined the garlic container again today, the soil was quite dry and all the leaves were dead and laying on the surface of the soil. The scapes with bulbils were still green, and about half the leaves belonging to the scapes were still green.

How can I tell whether the bulbs whose leaves completely died are just doing going through a normalish garlic season cycle or are dead? Thanks!

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lois(PA Zone 6)

I am continuing to research and although it might be a bit early, the bulbils might have just gone into a regular dormancy (like tulips?). I dug up a couple and they are not much bigger than when they were planted, but that might be because they were dryer than preferred over the last month.

My question now is: What should I do if I want them to continue growing? I see many posts saying to dig them up and replant them a few months later. Is that necessary if you would just be replanting them in the same container anyway?

Also, the soil is bone dry and crumbly. Should I water lightly to dampen and not soak the soil for the garlic? Or should I leave well enough alone?

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