Too many rocks!

Shimmy23April 27, 2013

I've got way too many rocks in my front and backyard. They range from a 6" diameters to 15" diameters.

Can someone recommend a good link or site that could provide some inspiration on how to use these decoratively?


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You could ship them to me


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elysianfields(9b CA)

I make piles of what I dig up in my garden, then use them in borders or paths I have on different levels. And I use leftover as filler in gaps above the retaining walls that separate each level.

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

You don't say where you are at and what kind of rocks. I assume field, water worn, boulders rather than fractured quarry rock.
I feel you can never have too many rocks. Some of the finest gardens are located in former rock quarries. Butchart and Quarry Hill come to mind.
I'm not in favor of using rocks as borders for flower beds. It complicates edging from the lawn and looks artificially contrived and unnatural.
I like to use quarry rock arranged in rock outcrop formations. Several, or many, grouped as as if it was a large rock or formation that has cracked over time. Talus slopes at the base enhances the look. Sedums and Echevarias (Hen and Chicks) planted in the cracks, as you would find in nature, with sub-alpine groundcovers to complete the scene. A gritty soil mix with good drainage is better than heavy loam in this situation.
Rounded boulders are a little different when it comes to design. They are associated with water. You can make outcroppings with them, but they should be at the edge of a 'stream or lake'. The stream can be dry, or a lawn that is in the shape of a stream.
Treat the shape of the lawn as if it were liquid. For instance, a stream going around the house to form a pool in the back yard. A pool with bays and headlands, The headlands are where the outcroppings are located. The bays are where the streams or rivers enter the pool or lake. The bays go closer to the fence where your view is good, and the headlands are located where you don't want to see the view...that's where you have more room between the lawn and fence to plant to block the view.
It's just a matter of scale.....and a lot like painting. It's also like cooking. You have the ingredients, now you put them in the right order.
I hope you can visualize what I've written and it can make sense.

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