rocks without dirt?

adidas(6/7)April 22, 2014

Hello. I don't exactly have a rock garden but I need a little advice. I live in a very rocky place and In many places around the property, the previous owners dumped piles of rocks and fill dirt/top soil. This has lead to piles of stiltgrass/weeds growing all over. My plan is to remove the dirt but leave the rocks and then if I want to plant I can add a little dirt back in a specific place. This way there'd be rock walls all over w/out the weeds. Is there any reason that a pile of rocks or rock walls would be less stable w/out the dirt?

Thanks for any input!

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

Just depends on how you stack them and what you are trying to do. I would arrange them with as little dirt as possible so the Stiltgrass wouldn't be able to survive, but Sedums and Echevarias would.
I put just a little dirt on rocks and stumps and Sedums do just fine....with no weeds!

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

Here's another one.
Most people are surprised that Sedums grow just fine with moss. They might not bloom as much though if they were growing in full sun.

here's some Sedum growing on a stump with only half a shovel of topsoil.

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