onion harvesting question

JLem(6b)July 17, 2013

Apologies for asking a basic question that has probably been answered before somewhere in the annals of the forum....

I have a small patch of yellow Stuttgarter onions that seem to have done quite well (planted from sets). At the moment all the stalks have fallen over, but are still green. I can see the shoulders of nice-sized bulbs in the soil. Can I harvest these now? Should I? Can they stay in the ground longer? I was expecting to harvet them once the stalks turned yellow/brown, but I don't want to prolong things if they should be pulled up now.

Also, one, and only one plant has bolted and is now flowering - does this mean anything? Thanks!

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theforgottenone1013(MI zone 5b/6a)

You certainly could pull them up now but if the leaves are still green then the onion bulbs could still get a bit bigger. If it were me, I'd wait a bit longer to harvest them. Of course, I'd pull a few up early to use fresh as needed.

Yep, it means the one that bolted should be pulled up and eaten. Onions that flower won't store well.


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They sound ready to me. I pull all my onions and shallots once half of them have fallen over.

I'm in western Washington, and the mold issue on onion stalks is rather tedious. I think they *might* get bigger, but not enough to leave that mold in the garden any longer than I need to.


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Thanks for the advice. How do I know if mold is an issue here? Is it obvious on the stalks/bulbs?

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