Garlic just didn't grow well

rokoszJuly 23, 2011

The results, (generally) early strength and growth -- with what seems to me to be too soon leaf browning -- and on harvest the results are meager. Some of it is nothing more than the clove I put in the ground.

Specifically: Fall planted two varieties (from farmer's markets) -- a _large_ (grocery store sized head) and a smaller one. All sprouted in March. The smaller one's results were absolutely dismal - they did little more than grow 5 or 6 inches before browning/dieing. Harvest near nil.

The large ones were very heartening, nice tall multi leaf stalks about 18"-24". They began setting flower stalks late May - I cut them off before any real flower activity just below the "bud". They continued to look good for a few weeks and then began turning brown. Some faster than others. I tried pulling a couple when half-brown -- very meager heads (if any, some were just the single clove). Today I pulled one that was all brown & had 4 cloves but shows late harvest separation. I've got a few in teh ground that look all brown --but the center of the main stalk shows some moist green center so I'll leave those till I hear from you guys.

There is one stalk, no leaves -- but the flower stalk has a significant oblong bulge about 1/3 the way up and is still quite green. I suppose this is good -- or some sort of body snatcher.

Please, any advice, wisdom, thoughts, anything please?

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Make sure that you only plant the larger cloves. Save the smaller ones for kitchen use.

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

My question for both the garlic and onions problem is Does anything grow well in your soil? If you can grow good tomatoes and greens, etc. but alliums don't produce, you have some sort of soil born disease. If not much else grows there or you haven't tried anything else, you may be dealing with a nutrient disorder or poor drainage. Both of these can be easily helped with some effort on your part.

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