Bengale Centfeuilles

catspa_NoCA_Z9_Sunset14December 3, 2011

I've had this rose in a pot for two years and now it is time for it to go into the ground. Really love it: leaves stay nice-looking all summer, blossoms start as little button-size wads of many petals that almost magically become full -size flowers with many subtle shades of pink and red over time, and it holds up to the heat well. In fact it does best in the hot part of the year here. Blooms a lot.

My problem is trying to figure out the real-life eventual size of the bush. Vintage classifies it as a "2" type of China, about waist-high according to the cartoon. That is also how they classify Comtesse du Cayla which, last time I looked at mine, was at least 9' high and 12' across -- and it may have gotten even larger since yesterday! This rose does not appear widely grown or available, according to HMF, but I am hoping someone can share their experience.

-- Debbie

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Ha! I know what you mean about how large roses grow in our warm climate - mine get 2/3 times (or more!) what it says in the references. HMF and several other web sites I looked it up on say about 4 feet, so I would guess at least 6-8 feet here, but probably not huge huge. It looks gorgeous! I am becoming more & more enamored of the old chinas.


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I've had it for about a year and it is a great rose. It does like the heat it seems. Mine is only about 2 feet high so far. Not sure I have room for it to be so large.

Sorry I'm not more help but don't hear about this rose much and I had to chime in.

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cemeteryrose(USDA 9/Sunset 14)

Ours has been in the Sacramento Cemetery garden for several years and it's still pretty small. I think it's going to end up being 3-4 ft tall and fairly upright, like Fabvier. Definitely not a Comtesse du Cayla!

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Campanula UK Z8

and definately not like mutabilis either. A dainty little grower here absolutely ideal for a pot.

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Anita and Suzy, this is good news! It's behavior did seem demure, but so many look oh-so-innocent in the pot and go on to become elephant-size in the ground out here, as Jackie notes. I've had to re-align (or abandon!) more than a few paths due to this sort of mis-calculation.

Great! It's best spot, landscape- and otherwise, fits a medium-sized bush, and I won't need to sacrifice my last remaining big-rose spot (which, of course, already has a candidate or two in waiting).

-- Debbie

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