starting an alpine garden/ rock garden

chairmanmeowApril 23, 2008

i am living in north carolina and have a very sunny dry area in the corner of my yard. i am wanting to start an alpine garden with some other kinds of succulents. i have been looking at the web for help-- but i seem to be stuck. can i mix succulents and alpine flowers-- is it to hot here for alpine breeds. how should i start?? any advice or tips are helpful. i am very familiar with succulents and how to grow/care for them. it is more the 'alpines' and rock gardening that i am wondering about.

thanks anyone!!!


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leftwood(z4a MN)

In many mountainous areas, depending on which side of the mountain range you are, you can have moist or dry climates. But cooler weather in general is in common to both. There are alpine succulents, like Delosperma, Orostachys and Sempervivum species along with cacti like Escobaria, Echinocereus and Pediocactus species. There may be some sedum species native to your area. Of course the other common climatic factor for all alpines is dry air, and windy. But most Penstemon and Agastache species will do well in dry, poor soil, and relatively hot climates.

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