What happens if I plant onion seeds now?

ourhappyhome(7B)July 9, 2007

Thanks in advance for your help. I've been researching this online for 2 days now with no luck. My question is two fold.

First, I have a seed packet of over 1200 seeds that I'd like to try. The seeds are more than 5 years old and have been stored in my freezer the entire time. Is it likely the seeds will germinate?

What happens if I plant the seeds now? I realize this is not the ideal time to plant onions, but what will I get if I do (small bulbs, no bulbs, zero germination)? I'm in HOTlanta, zone 7b. Avg. temps are low 90s and will probably remain in that range for the next 60 days. First frost is about 120 days from now, late October. I want to plant them in large pots or in a raised bed. The variety is a Cippolini onion (sp?) "Gold Coin" from Johnny's Seeds, 80dtm. What should I do to give them the best chance for survival?


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Well, with the age and freezing them, I would bet they won't germinate. But, hey try anyway. I would prefer a raised bed. If some do germinate, you will only have onion sets( baby onions) but to get them through your winter I would set a hoop house over them (a 1' foot high sytle) then remove the hoops around April and you should be able to harvest your full size onions in May.

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