basic garlic question needs an answere

zucchini(5a ONT)July 15, 2005

I pulled my garlic up..about 50 bulbs..I am going to hang them in my sauna (don't use it in the summer)..questions is..DO I clean off the earth first? Pull off anything..or just hang as is? How long does it take to cure? and

following that how do I keep them so they wont sprout or get old. Or do I give them away? In other words how long do they stay fresh enough? ok ok...this is more than one question...I better stop before I have too many garlic is waiting ;-) martha/zucchini

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gardenlad(6b KY)


To cure them, first brush off the loose soil. Then bunch them in groups of no more than ten or a dozen and hang them.

I'd be concerned about using the sauna unless you put a fan in there. They need an airy place to cure properly.

In two to three weeks the leaves will be totally dry, and there will be no green in the neck area. At that point you can put them up.

You didn't say whether they were hardneck or softneck varieties. That can determine how long they keep. Typically, hardnecks last 6-8 months in storage, and softnecks last up to a year.

If you grew hardnecks, prepare them for storage by timming the roots, leaving about a half inch, and trim the tops, an inch or so above the neck. Then put them in mesh or paper bags.

Softnecks can be handled the same way. Or you can braid them, and hang the braid right in the kitchen.

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zucchini(5a ONT)

Thank you Garden Lad...I will take them out of the sauna, just hung them in there tonight. I did dust off the loose earth..I think (this shows how little I know) they are softnecks..they had long curly scapes...I cut them off and ground them up with olive oil...whew they are good..thanks for the response..;-) martha/zucchini

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mindsmile(z5 ma.)

ok so I'm still a bit confused.When folks are talking about the yellowing leaves just how much yellow will be on a leave and how much green?My leaves are green with yellow streaks on some and some have just yellow top 1/4 portions or a spot or 2 of yellow with yellow blotching on each plant with still more than half of say the 7-8 leaf total being green.A few look to have mostly still green leaves but the bottom of the stem/stalk is yellowing.All hardnecks I assume btw.

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gardenlad(6b KY)

Martha: If you harvested scapes, then you grew hardnecks, more than likely. Do you know the variatal names?

Bill: I can understand your confusion. It is _not_ the cut & dried thing many of us make it sound like.

According to the literature, garlic leaves yellow from the bottom upwards. But more times than not, I have the same situation you describe.

So I go by the overall impression. What I do is try and analyze the whole view, and, if it seems like half or more have changed color, I start checking by uncovering bulbs. If the test bulbs look ready, then I lift the entire crop of that variety.

Commercial growers do not depend on leaf color, but grow by the calendar. At least that's the way Blue Moon Farms does it.

What about you, GarlicLady? Do you work by calander dates or by leaf color?

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mindsmile(z5 ma.)

Thanks a bunch(of garlic LOL)gardenlad.

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gardenlad(6b KY)

>Thanks a bunch(of garlic LOLYeah, yeah, yeah, Bill. Promises, promises. :>)

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zucchini(5a ONT)

Thanks GardenLad Hardneckks it is! I do not know the variety name. Two years ago I planted some bulbs from I bought from an organic gardener..Last year I planted bulbs from what grew from those first bought organic bulbs..Plus I bought more from a farm stand near by...They all look the same now. I have taken them out of the Sauna..and hung them in my basement..where there is a de-humidifier and some air is the coolest place in the house..and I mean temperature wise.The aroma is great. The stalks are very dry and papery, I guess when they are dried well, the greener parts will also become as brittle...martha/zucchini

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