garlic and onion suggestions

cjtabares(MA Zone 6)July 19, 2012

If you could only plant 1 softneck and 1 hardneck garlic which would you? I have never grown garlic before and wanted to try 1 of each. Also what is a good onion to grow in my area?

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I have tried dozens of varieties here on the shores of Buzzards Bay for many years,,,,, not too far from your location. Can't speak for softnecks but Polish and German hardnecks are now my staple plantings. Using my own seed from year to year, they are now so mixed up that I label them "Nasketucket Hardneck" when I gift them to friends. I do believe that reseeding with your own garlic results in the new garlic acquiring what the wine growers call "terroir" or a sense and taste of your local soil, weather and environment expressed in your garlic harvest..... and that's what I now have and it tastes good. It only took 30 years.

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