Planting in wall of concrete pieces

dorib(z5 MICH)April 25, 2004

Hello Everyone,

With the planting season upon us I need some suggestions as to what to plant in a tiered sloping wall made of concrete pieces. I'm in zone 5 - Michigan and the wall faces north getting hot sun all day with virtually no shade.

Due to the way its constructed you can hardly reach the dirt. I would prefer something that is long flowering. I've tried phlox before but it doesn't bloom as long as I'd like. I've also tried "snow on the mountain" (I think thats what its called) but was unhappy with it cause of the rusty looking spots that gets all over the leaves. It didn't do very well either.

At the base of the hill is a white fountain and small homemade pond with an arbor over it that I hope to have blue morning glories growing on. I'd like to have something that would complement the ideas I already have. I wouldn't even mind white then it could be my "evening garden."

I have hens and chicks in another section to the west of the section I'm looking to plant. They do well but I prefer not to have anymore than I do now.

Any help, ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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omniphasic(9 Ca)

You have quite a few options!I think Nasturtiums will do well there,along with neat varieties of Sedums.Also,Ajugas will spread very well.At your local garden center,see if they carry Arabis-it makes an excellent Rock Garden subject.I would also like to recommend Potentillias,they should do well in your area.

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the wall faces north, and you get sun on it all day?

man I knew michegan was weird, but...

hens and chicks come in about 6 colors, and some of them flower if you're nice to them- so you might not want to discount them just yet... you have set a hard task for these plants- scorching summers, miserable winters, hard to irrigate, the whole works...

I would pop in at the xeriscaping forum, honestly-
or consider crown vetch- the clover like plant that they use for erosion control. the lavander flowers on the lacy green vine's quite pretty.

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