mini eunomyes or cotoneaster

bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)April 24, 2004

Did not check spelling. Asked question in shrubs forum since it is typically a shrub but was purchased from Lamb's Nursery in PNW. Theyhave changed name and I lost contact.

They sold rock garden plants. This is an evergreen in my zone.

This plant has languished in a pot for about 12 years because it was so tiny I could not figure a place to put it. Even my groundcover sedums would over-run it. May have the varietal name 'minimus' or be the one released to the trade by the Bronx Botanical Gardens years ago. Now have it in part of rock garden that gets 1/2 day sun. Soil is sandy and acid but not terribly dry. It is, after 3 years, covering an area of a square foot. It is only about an inch in height and the individual leaves are more oval than round and only 1/4 inch long. Can anyone guess what it might be or if I am doing right by it? I have never seen flowers or fruit.

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omniphasic(9 Ca)

Probably a Cotoneaster thymifolia.Are the stems rather rigid??

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

Thank you. I know 'Thymifolia' would have stood out in my mind. i did not know, 10 years ago, that I would forget its name or have anyplace where I could find the names of forgotten cultivars. I will borrow my daughter's digital camera and ask her how to post a photo of this rather non-descript little trailer. I still think is is an eunomys or however its spelled. I only care because it may be struggling because I am not giving it the care it particularly needs.

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

Settled on Eunomyes 'Kewensis'. Continues to live but not thrive.

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