How to build a decent small (petit) alpine garden

KoenigiaMay 18, 2012

I am kind of "expert" of Norw mountain flowers. Now, at my old ages (Iôm 56), I should like grow some of the nice alpine flowers in a small alpine garden. Not more than 5-8 sq meters.

I plan to use second hand red brick stones. Making a narrow ellipse of these bricks, filling inside with gravel.

I plan to have 3 - 4 levels inside this ellipse


how do I make these levels?

Just stacking the bricks high enough

-- or should I use something "heavier"?

I have been to Kew /Davies alpine garden. That is what I want in miniature.


Oh yes - I know Koenigia islandica. I guess it is hard to grow at home :-)

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abgardeneer(Z3, Calgary)

Hi, Koenigia,
Sorry your post has gone so long unanswered.
I'd recommend a visit to the following alpine gardening forums. You can get lots of good advice and inspiration there.

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