Lewisia neverdensis

Lenh(teesside,uk)May 12, 2004


I'm new to alpines,my wife has just become interested in them so that means that i have to be as she cannot use a computor.

She brought home a Lewisia nevardensis the other day in bud, a beautiful plant.After it finished flowering .

Two questions please .

1. she came to me with some shoots about one inch long with a bulblet at the bottom.and asked if they would grow if she potted them up? I could not see why not and suggested half sharp sand and half soiless compost.

2. now that is just finished flowering it has which I assume to be seed heads forming.when they are ripe will they come true to type? They were in bud when she bought it and it has been on our kitchen window ledge so there is no possiblity of cross pollination.

I would appreciate any advice

Thank you


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I assume you mean Lewisia nevadensis? If so, I have grown them from seed a couple of times (including this spring). All Lewisia seed IME require cold stratification to germinate, so if you do get seed from your plant(s) you'll need to stratify the seed to germinate it.

The question is, will you get seed? The plant flowered on your windowsill, did you have insects pollinate the flowers, or pollinate the flowers by hand? I don't know if Lewisia is wind pollinated, but I would guess they require bees, etc. to visit the flowers to get viable seed.

Someone who grows alpines indoors should weigh in here to answer that question for you, I don't know.

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