New nice little things for my garden this spring

clovis_rdf(Inferno's zone)May 7, 2006

Sweet little things...

Here is a link that might be useful: Dwarf bushes

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Very impressive Clovis!
Saw many plants that I am growing here in central California in pots!
Are you going to plant them in the ground or are you going
to bonsai them?
Did you purchase these plants or grow them from seed?
If you purchased the plants please let us know from where?

there is one thing that I would like to recommend on the images is that you add text to the image saying what it is.
you can do this when you edit your images. Also what kind of camera did you use to take the images. Your photography is excellent!


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leftwood(z4a MN)

Yes, a VERY NICE collection. Sometimes it is difficult to find the true Betula nana, and often nurseries don't really know what it is. But you do have the true species. It is so cute. But be careful because it really hates hot weather.


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clovis_rdf(Inferno's zone)

Tanks Jerry, most of theses little bush willbe planted in trought like theses (Pinus strobus contorta)

I'm in a process of making a true alpine garden, this year. So, some of them, will be in crevices, or rockry.

All theses bushes are from "Les Planton A et P", a grower from Ste Christine, Quebec. Made from unusual species by cutting or grafting.

Photographs where made with my relatively "old" 4 mp Nikon Coolpix 4500, witch is working very well for closups. I also have a 6 Mp, Digital Rebel
When I have a minute I'll edit these html documents as you suggested.
Best regards

Here is a link that might be useful: Planton A et P, a grower from Ste Christine, Quebec

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NICE! thanks for the link to the site. Though my French is very minimal it is enough to get through it and just get a handle on what this one family has accomplished! Amazingly great looking plants and in the process opening up to the public the availability of many species that simply are unknown in the general trade.
I would definitely like to encourage you to do a web journal on each trough or each plant though this may be simply just too much work. I have just this year really gotten into doing a webjournal and it is so much easier to do and it helps me to track what has happened so I can compare to what is happening.
If you have not done any type of journal what I do is use
a photo imaging editing program, mine is Photo Impression. and create a 750x750pixs blank page and then load on the images for that page and add commentary. It is alot of fun to do and the words just flow!
click here to see my mug and to the banners to my webjournals
I am definitely into alpine gardening though I have not done anything as far as trough gardening. All I have had time for is just acquire what plants I was interested in and then try to see if they survive my central California site. I am growing a Larix and an Abies that I need to spray whenever I spray the mosses and the Lycopodium species that I am also growing just to try to keep them cool. It seems to work. It is interesting being in zone 9 and trying to grow zone 7 plants!!! I am really delighted by the success of the Lewisia hybrids that seem to be enjoying my culture. You can see a couple hanging on the side of my greenhouse that I am standing in front of.
So I definitely want to see how your plants are doing and what you do and how the troughs looks so Please Image them and share!!

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clovis_rdf(Inferno's zone)

Well, you can give a look to my website.
I already, have a lot of stock there.
Around 650 mo

But, sorry, everyting in french...

Here is a link that might be useful: Clovis's little oriental garden

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I am good with pictures!!!!!!!

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Hello Clovis,
Just one word: WOW!
Talk about jaws dropping! Just the front page is enough to zone anyone out! Did you do all of this work yourself?
It is really fantastic!!
I only had time just to peep here and there. Your Lewisia look great. I really love this genus. I definitely will like to attempt L. redivva sometime.
Just how long did it take to do the jardin?
And how much space is covered by it?
It is a masterpiece of work!

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clovis_rdf(Inferno's zone)

The garden is 25,000 square feet, we bought last year 6,500 sq ft because we need more space.
We made this garden, my wife and I, over 12 years.

We probably need 4-5 more to finish it.

Best regards

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Thanks Clovis for the info.
It is a great work of art.

If you do not mind I want to set a link up on my front page to your site.
I have several links at the bottom of my front page that go to different sites of info or of interest.
If it is ok. Let me know.
Here is my front page click here
Check my page out-I got my mug on it. Yea I know that I look like I would be more at home riding a mule in the Rockies and looking for beaver pelts but those days are long gone and just what is an old outdated mountain man gonna do with hisself anyway!

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clovis_rdf(Inferno's zone)

Make a link? you sure can !

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Hello Clovis,
I set the link up.
Also I tried to email you using your link on your website but the mail bounced. Seems that your mailbox is full!!!!
You may want to check it out.

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