Garlic varieties for the south?

gama_garden_tx(9)July 11, 2014

Which garlic varieties grow well in the south (which specific soft neck types)? Does elephant garlic do well in warm climates? Where online can I find the largest selection to order from?

I hear garlic needs vernalization (spelling?) similar to how artichokes and certain fruits need 'chill' hours.

This is my first year to attempt garlic.


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Garlic adapted to grow in cold climates need vernalization to grow properly.

Softnecks come in two types, artichokes and silverskin. There are a few hardnecks that can grow in the south also..

Have you looked at this website?

Your best bet is to find some locally grown garlic at a local farmers market... This way the garlic doesnt have to get acclimated to your area...

I live in CA and I grew two no named softnecks last year, a Chinese red artichoke, and a California silverskin. The silverskin was originally grown in Gilroy, CA did well here but I mostly got tiny garlic out of the Chinese artichokes.. I'm thinkin the Chinese garlic needed to acclimate to the area. I'm gonna grow out the few normal cloves of the Chinese garlic for next year...

After finding out some hardnecks may grow here, I'm trying a Creole called Ajo Rojo and an Asiatic called Sonoran for next year.

As for elephant garlic, I tried to grow them this year but I probably did something wrong. I'm thinking since I grew them with my shallots, I watered them too much. Plus I had some worms eating a few... I've heard of people growing them a couple of miles away, so I'm sure they can grow here.

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