Huge Leeks- what to do

ani_t(bellevue, wa)July 3, 2005

A friend of mine was getting rid of her leeks and so I got them home, they are 5 feet tall an have round balls of flowers (scapes ?) on the top.

Quite woody it seems so I cant really use the bulbs for anything other than stock. So what all can I use for making stock ?

Are the flowers edible, someone o another thread said they are edible before they begin to curl- I have no idea what that mean.



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paquebot(Z-4b WI)

The leek plants that you have are about worthless for food. You are a year late as those are now in their second year. Best that you could have salvaged would have been the seeds to plant back. It would be the leaves and stems for stock but they may be a bit too tough and flavorless.

The part about the tops being edible before curling applies to garlic, not leeks. Leek flower stalks would indeed be edible but only when very young.


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