Armeria seeds, where are they?

penny_md6May 6, 2002

Are they the papery flowers themselves or are the seeds inside the flower?


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I am no botantist but are you talking about straw flowers? If so, the are straw as they bloom. It's really strange but cool. I grew some from seed in Michigan about 20 years ago. I thought I would have to cut and dry them. They are already dried! It's neat.

If you are not talking about straw flowers, I feel like an idiot and will stop talking now. LW

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Hi LW,

Actually, they aren't strawflowers but PLEASE know that I have strawflowers also and appreciate that advice.
Armeria is 'sea thrift' a rock garden least to me. The flowers have dried but I can't find any seeds inside so it's possible that the seeds are like those of strawflowers.

Thank you...we're all learning here right?

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Sooooooooooo has anyone figured out what the seeds are?
I have several seeds heads and can't figure this out.
When I look down into the pod I see dark spot that I believe would be a seed but I can't get just the dark object free. It can't be released from the chaf that attaches to the flower head.

So can you just plant chaff with the apparent little seed?

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

Armeria is usually propagated by divisions. It roots very easy. One plant can give you many starts. I have a dwarf form besides the normal.

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The seeds are little dark round dots inside the papery head. Planting the chaff with the seed isn't a problem. I had several varieties in my last garden, and I sometimes got volunteers, but not lots, so there may not be too many viable seeds in the head.

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

Formerly penny_md6 here.......

Finally an answer! I'll have to go and inspect the spent heads I saved from last year.

Thank you~

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NewZealander(TARNew Zealand)

Is anyone having luck growing armeria from seed..I try to find the seed and really want to know from someone who has done it successfully.

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highlandsgardener(Z6 Louisville)

Read the response from NHBabs and collected the chaff with the little black dots. Does anyone know if I can plant these seeds indoors now under lights? I have one of those big mamma jamma lights in the basement. I sowed Purple Majesty millet and they germinated in 2 days and now 5 days later they are over 2 inches tall. Want to do the same with lantana, petunias, calla lilies and strawflowers. Am I jumping the gun?? Need advice. Many thanks for any response.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

If you have a big sodium light, you can do it; but if you are going to plant them outside next season, yes, I think you're jumping the gun. With the millet that will grow tall, you'll find lower leaves naturally dying out when they would not outside, and the uppermost perhaps burning from getting too close to the light source. Calla lilies and lantana I don't have a clue on. Never heard of anyone growing callas from seed before (except breeders).

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Ima_Celery(OHzoned 6)

Hi Highlands.

I've grown the Armeria from seeds. I am not good with growing plants under artificial indoor lighting so I scatter the seeds outside and let nature do the work. The same with the Purple Majesty millet. I love the look of that plant!

If you have the room you can grow them indoors now, I suppose but if your conditions are ideal the millet may be just about done by the time it is ready to go out next year. Same with the petunias and other annuals or short lived perennials.

I murder callas unintentionally.


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Video_Garden(z3/4 Montreal)

Hi Penny, the armeria seeds sort of resemble tiny badminton "birdies"... (if that imagery helps?) I have never taken off the papery filament to find the actual seeds though, but last winter I had winter sown them in a sand & gravel amended soiless mix placed outdoors throughout the late winter/early spring. They germinated in the summer with just a few blades of leaves scattered about in the pot. I planted them out in the fall and hope to see them return & grow larger.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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lizzyanthus(z4 NY)

It's probably a little late for this answer, but I grew Armeria Maritima (sp?) from seed quite succesfully last winter. I winter sowed them outside in containers. I got lots and lots of seedlings, all jammed in together. I sence have seperated them into individual little grassey seedlings (I think, I hope?) and am growing some on in sixpacks, and some in my larger rock garden. These seeds I grew are from seed I saved last summer, from store bought plants. I found them very easy to grow.

Hope this isn't too late for someone anyway. It's time to collect some seed again now! :)


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Thanks for answering! I was just wondering where they were as well.

Will try planting the whole thing with the husks and all.


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Can you, please resolve one torturing me question? I also grow armeria and would want to multiply it. People say it is easy to do by regular division. But the plant is a perfectly round mound of neat fine foliage! Even if I don't cut it in half but just a little piece it will immediatelly loose its perfect shape. Then there will be no round fluffy 'button'... May be I can plant a piece of its roots?What to do?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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You have stated MY problem exactly.If you find an answer to your question. I also have not found a place that I can find the plants or the seeds for sale.

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

I don't know if anyone is still following this thread, but I just found it. In my first year of wintersowing (2006) I sowed Armeria and my notes say germination was average and that I planted out 8 seedlings. They have grown into a beautiful mat and put on a good show each year. And yes, the seeds look like little shuttle cocks and once the flowers are dry, you can just rub them between your fingers and they come apart. I have collected and traded seeds from my plants, and the recipients have had success. BTW, I purchased my original seeds from Stokes. I believe they are available to US as well as Canada. As for growing from pieces, I have also done that accidentally, but they are very slow to take. Today I wanted to take some for a new bed I made, but as said above, I made the attempt but did not want to spoil the beautiful round mat I have. It seems they grow from one spot and put out runners with the foliage at the ends. I figured it was a matter of pulling it out, but it seems different, so I'll be searching my seed stash because I know have some left, and I'll winter sow them this year.

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