Lava rock over weed-barrier fabric 'garden'

LibbyLizMay 7, 2006

I'm turning my south to west-facing garden, that loses plants due to the heat, into a sitting area for a park bench & stepping "stones" leading from the front sidewalk to the bench.

There's about 1-foot of space on both sides of the bench so I'm going to put/leave plants there & on down to where the "garden" ends.

I'm using tall plants in the back next to the bench, then medium in front of that & short in front of that, & on one side, next to the lawn, I'm thinking of using all groundcover. There'll be plenty of room to enter/exit the "garden" for using the bench.

I'm thinking of using only perennials because having dealt with weed-barrier fabric & rocks before, it's not easy finding holes from previous plants/making holes for new ones amongst the rocks & it's not pretty getting dirt mixed with the lava rock. Does all/only perennials sound fine because of such?

I'm thinking of putting perennial groundcover under the bench. Does that sound okay? Or would it be a bother getting under the bench to prune?

Thanks to all in advance for replying!

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Nevermind the question 'cause I notice posts haven't gone responded to since then & 'cause hubby's decided to put down brick expect for a 1-ft edge on both sides, so I can plant whatever I want there, without worrying about weed-barrier. =)

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