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greenstar(2)May 8, 2004

Does anyone here drop in to the alpine rock garden site Alpine-L? The on-line discussion group has been 'gone' from the Internet the last few weeks. Any info on whether it's coming back? Any update on Alpine-L appreciated.

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I am no longer a subscriber, but often use the archives and haven't experienced any problems there.

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What is alpine-l? What is the web address? g.b.

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(No relation, despite my handle).

I 'used' to drop in to Alpine-L now and then for info on alpine plants. There's good info in the archives and some great posters.

Unfortunately it's the most cumbersome archaic format I've seen on the web. Who designed the monster? There seemed to be a million words of computer format print for every photo published and if you try to post a message it was a 'black box' if it'd get posted or not. Also, I find with almost all sites, garden related or not,in which the moderator has to 'pre-approve' postings, that interest soon falls off as 'need for control' stifles discussion. A much better format are sites (like Gardenweb)where a posting can be deleted by a moderator after it's posted.

I'll go back to Alpine-L when they scrap the ridiculous format and start a new site on Yahoo where there's sanity in posting a message or a photo.

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