leftwood(z4a MN)May 7, 2006

I have some first blooms of seed grown pasque flower species.

First Pulsatilla halleri ssp. slavica

And two pics of Pulsatilla turczaninovii

And in full bloom

And yes, turczaninovii is THAT blue!


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yellow_bear_1(z4 (5) SD)

Oh Man, Rick!
Where did you get the seed for that turczaninovii? That blue is beautiful! You must be so rightfully proud. I see it's in a pot. Will you plant it out into the ground or leave it in the pot? Will you share? :) I have a yellow flowering Pulsatilla lutea plant from Laporte Avenue Nursery in Fort Collins. I'd be happy to swap seed. I'm just starting to try growing from seed, though. A novice when it comes to starting new plants from seed.
Anything special needed to germinate it? I am so in lust.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

The turczaninovii seed came from the NARGS seed exchange. They say pasque flower seed is kind of hard to germinate, and that has been my experience. On the other hand, when these germinated, I didn't know I should remove the tails from the seed, and I got a few up anyway. Two I am keeping for myself, and the one left I have already promised to a NARGS Minnesota Chapter member. Next year I should have seed to share.

I am "waiting" for it to stop blooming. Then it goes in the ground. I already planted the P. halleri, and I was surprised to find there was no tap root. Just a mass (and I mean a mass) of fibrous roots. Our best stands of native Pulsatilla patens grow on sand dunes, and I just assumed they must have a tap root to be able to survive there.


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yellow_bear_1(z4 (5) SD)

Well, Rick,
I would really like to be on your waiting list for some seed. If we can manage to keep in touch.
Are you interested in some seed of Pulsatilla lutea, at all?
I put your turczaninovii on the desktop and can't stop admiring it. That blue. We have patens native here, it's our state flower, and it grows under pine trees in a shallow humousy duff. I've never tried to transplant one.
Anyway, let me know if you'd like some lutea.

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yellow_bear_1(z4 (5) SD)

Hey Rick, here is a photo of my Pulsatilla aurea. I told you wrongly that it is a lutea. My apologies if I'm working it too hard to get a swap of seeds, aurea for turczaninovii, but let me know if you're interested.
Well, maybe I can't figure out how to get a photo onto this message. I'll work on figuring that out. It's a very rich yellow,smallish flowers for a Pulsatilla but with a nice impact.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

My second and third seedling P. turczaninovii are blooming, and neither are as blue as the first one. Still, both were definitely bluish purple. Too early to make any real conclusions. The late bloom of the other two presumably means less maturity, and a harder time completing the job. Who knows. They might be bluer next year.

My seedling Veronica gentianoides display varying degrees of blue also.

I rarely require anything in return for seed swapping, but trying out an aurea would be nice. I am terrible at swap record keeping, so it is upon you, Tom, to remind me next year.


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yellow_bear_1(z4 (5) SD)

Great, Rick,
I'll do my best to keep track of this thread and get back to you.
I've got a Veronica bombicina, (dang, now i'e forgotten how to spell that. ) that's just startng to bloom. It's very blue and the foliage is very silvery blue. It's my favorite.
Enjoy the season and I'll get back to you. Thanks Rick,

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