What large onion for Fall planting in S.C.?

jolj(7b/8a)July 1, 2012

I want a few 1-3 pound onions that will keep for 3 months.

I hope to plant a few every months, August,September,October.

I hope to have them mulched & growing all Winter, harvest a few each week until they are 1 pound or bigger.

If I have run a muck, please let me know.

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Lots of choices in yellow red or white, but they all need to be short day onions for spring harvest. March is the earliest I have seen, but that is in south Georgia. Here in Augusta, May is about the best I can do. From seed in September, Plants in November- December. I have good results with Red Grano, White Granex, and yellow Granex. They are not exhibition onions but reach a good size. These are the varieties currently approved for growing in the 20 county area of Georgia approved for "Vidalia' onions. all of course are yellow Granex types.
Sapelo Sweet (DPS 1039)
Granex 33
Sweet Vidalia
SRO 1001 (RCX 5195-1) (Sweet Caroline)
SRO 1000 (RCX 6043) (Caramelo)
Savannah Sweets
SSC 6372 F1 (Honeycomb)
Sugar Belle F1 (SSC 6371 F1)
Cyclops (XP 6695)
Sweet Melody (RCS 1938)
Georgia Boy (DPS 1032)
Mr. Buck (DPS 1033)
Ohoopee Sweet (DPS 1024)
Nirvana (RCS 1027)
EX 075 92000 (Century)
Granex Yellow PRR
99C 50992 (XON-202Y) (Sweet Jasper)
XON-203Y (01ZG 5034) (Sweet Harvest)
Miss Megan (DPSX 1290)
Honeybee (SSC33076)
XP 07542007
Yellow Granex 15082
This fall I am trying Pinot Rouge for a red and Golden Grande (yellow).

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WOW, that was a fast reply & complete too.
I did a search on Garden Web & found a supplier who will sell onion plants Dec.-April, but not in the early Fall.
My local feed & seed will have them.
The pic are great, I hope to have those, after a few years of working out the kinks of growing a new plant.
I plan to plant them 6 inches on center in a raised bed full of compost.
Thank you, farmerdill!

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