Onion Harvest (Pics)

soilent_greenJuly 23, 2012

Here are a few photos for your enjoyment. I am getting a decent onion harvest this year.

If so desired, click on photos to see larger versions.

The following photo shows yellow and white onions grown from sets purchased at the big box chain store.

The next photo shows red, white, yellow onions, shallots, potato (multiplier) onions. This is approximately half of the crop. I staggered planting so the other half is almost ready to harvest now.

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Looking good. Mine are still standing up, so I guess, they'll stay in the ground a while longer. I'm surprised you are curing them in the sun. I tried that once a few years ago to speed up the process - and the whole batch just baked on the sunny side. It's always in the shade of the porch now.

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Hi grow_darnit (great nick btw)

I have always cured onions and shallots in the sun, never had a problem. I do admit these hot days concerned me so I had them laid out to receive only morning sun and then shade during the hottest part of the day. If sun-curing is incorrect I would appreciate any comments regarding the correct method.

The multipliers and shallots were definitely ready to pull. The onions were bent over but most of the plants were still plenty green. I would have preferred to leave them in the ground longer but critters were digging them out and chewing on them. Ruined some nice ones. Raccoons perhaps?

Critters have really done some damage to my gardens this year - quite frustrating. I went out and purchased all the equipment needed for electric fencing for next year. Enough is enough. Between bullets, live traps, and fencing I hope to control the problem and at least minimize the damage.

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

Looks GREAT! And you look busy, but check my email before my best garlic is traded :-)

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What beautiful pictures of your harvest, soilent_green. I hope you have better luck next year with the electric fence. Btw, the garlic you shared with me last year is absolutely awesome.

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