music bulblets revisited

rxkeith(z5 MI)August 15, 2006

a couple years ago, martin, and i planted some tiny music bulblets. after the first year, most of mine got to pearl size or slightly larger than a normal size bulbil.this year, i have a combination of large rounds and small divided bulbs. the rounds should give me some decent size bulbs next year. i'm not sure how long it will take for the cloves from the small bulbs to get to normal size. i'll carry this experiment forward at least another year. this certainly isn't the fastest way to increase your supply of music. whatcha up to martin?

keith in calumet

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paquebot(Z-4b WI)

It's going to take you one more year to obtain full-sized bulbs. You and I started the same experiment at the same time. Since only the largest rounds were planted back last fall, all bulbs divided as normal. However, resulting bulbs were just over half normal size. If someone had a lot of land and plenty of time, one could multiply Music by a vast number due to the quantity of tiny bulbils. But it's not for someone with limited space.


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