White Lisbon sprouts in August - what to do?

OregonBethAugust 20, 2012

Hi, I got a packet of White Lisbon seeds thinking they were bunching onions, and why not? It said they were bunching onions right on the package. In June I had 100% germination and two months later they look very healthy, although they have tiny bulbs forming above the soil line of their teensy six-pack cells.

I was intending to transplant them, but on further reading I discover the White Lisbons are regular onions, not bunching onions at all.

How should I treat them? Should I just eat them as is and chalk it up to experience, or do I separate them out and bury them in the garden?

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Also, if I do transplant them out, when should I look to harvest them? We don't get hard frosts here until late November/Early December/sometimes not at all, so I still have at least three months of growing season to go. Is that enough?

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White Lisbon IS a bunching onion. you are probably thinking a bout Welch onions. White Lisbon is grown for scallions (green onions) as they do not form much of a bulb. They are a 120 day cultivar, but since they are used as green onions you use them whenever the stalks are large enough for your purposes. I would think you have plenty of time.

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