Any way to tell what varieties these could be?

elffriend(zone 5 ON)August 29, 2009

Last year when I was planning to plant garlic I just went to my local farmers market and bought some that had been grown locally. All I really cared about was getting something that would grow HERE and not something that had been imported from someplace warm. I'm in zone 5, southwestern Ontario.

I harvested my garlic last month and I seem to have two different types. The first has a wrapper that is purple and white, is difficult to peel and has lots of small to medium cloves. The second has outer wrappers that are all white, but the one right around the clove is almost chestnut color. Each head has 4-5 very large cloves and they are very easy to peel.

Any guesses as to what types they might be?

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still_kris(z17 NoCA)

As there are hundreds of garlic varieties, it is sort of difficult to tell without a photo. Perhaps you could check out photos of different kinds on the internet and figure it out for yourself?

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TJG911(z5b CT)

based upon what you said the 1st is a softneck and the 2nd a hardneck. i know that tells you nothing but it is probably the best anyone can tell you. i doubt pictures would help since there are so many different varieties many are bound to look alike. if they taste good then great!

if you want to know the varieties you are growing then you have to buy from someone that knows what they are selling you whether it's local or from a seed company.


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Not sure if this site has been mentioned before, but Google 'Heirloom Archive Garlic' and you might find something similar. Pictures are of the whole head and segmented cloves. Approximate weights are also given. An amazing site from my neophyte perspective.

Was able to find all the new varieties I will plant this fall, except for Persian Star. Good Luck!

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rxkeith(z5 MI)

only way you are going to identify the variety of garlic is to ask the person you bought them from. may be hard to do since it was last year when you bought them. other than saying the first one sounds like an artichoke, and the 2nd is a hard neck, thats the best you will do without going to the source.


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