early harvest of onions due to rain?

PellaeaAugust 12, 2014

I have a beautiful onion crop this year. Sweets and storage onions look great. But, we've had a lot of rain. The sweet onions ended up getting slimy in the garden

Worried that, with more rain in forecast this week, that the storage onions are destined for the same fate. How early can I harvest and dry, and still have some that will be decent into at least December? Or, should I just take my chances and leave them in the ground?

It figures...;-)

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

Sorry to hear it. How close to being done are they? Are any of the necks softening or falling? If they are, you can go ahead and pull them and get them curing in a good well ventilated, dry space. They should hold fine.

I've never pulled onions earlier then the necks were soft but it's likely that you can harvest at any size and cure them. Storage time will be reduced but they should hold for a while.
Maybe someone else has done this?


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Thanks for replying Mark!

Some of the tops of the Redwings have just started to fall over...maybe 15 - 20% at most. The sweets ended up just getting squishy on the outer layer, so I harvested all and cut off the tops. A few necks softening, but most still firm.

Harvested half of the Ruby Ring and Pontiac. Have some Redwing waiting. Cut tops off to about 3-4" and spread them out in the hoop house (which is covered with shade cloth right now) with some fans.

Any idea of what the curing time would be? Hoping that they'll cure, even if they don't last through winter.

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My curing onions got a couple of days of windblown rain last week, and I put them in the dehydrator and pulsed it at 100 degrees several times for 30 minutes. This treatment seemed to undo a lot of the damage. Tissues that were slimy when wet got crisp as they dried.

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