What are your top 5 favorite alpines?

jeepers13June 21, 2004

Would love to know. We just decided to plant 3 small beds w/alpines or rock-garden type plants because the look is irresistible and it requires less H2O than a big, flowery perennial border. But for a beginner - ugh - the choices are overwhelming!

So I ask you, G.W. buds, what are the plants you couldn't dream of going without for your rock or alpine gardens?

All opinions are appreciated!


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This is like picking among one's children but the 5 'must haves' for me are:

Moss Campion
Yellow Dryads
Creeping Beardtongue
Purple saxifrage

They all have nice flowers but , most importantly, the plants have good texture and character throughout the growing season.

All native alpines to North America

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chrisanne1(Z6 SE PA)

Where do you obtain them?

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