my new rock garden (photos)

doggonegardener(Wyoming, Zone 4)June 29, 2005

Hello All,

I have been lurking in your forum trying to see what you all have done with rocks and alpine type plants. I have been planning to install a rock garden under a tree in my yard where the lawn simply won't grow. I have attached a link where you can view photos of the project from start to finish. Sadly, photobucket put them in reverse order. The slideshow is the undoing of our work.

See what you think. Right now it is sparse. I am hopeful that when the plants mature some it will fill in a bit. I also wanted to wait and see how it did before I added more plantings.

I can't wait to hear what you all have to say. Here is the link...

Here is a link that might be useful: my new rock garden

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I tried the link, but it won't work. I would love to see your pics as I am planning on starting a rock garden of my own.

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doggonegardener(Wyoming, Zone 4)

Let's try this again...

Here is a link that might be useful: new rock garden

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doggonegardener(Wyoming, Zone 4)

apparently I'm not understanding something about Photobucket and how to let YOU all see the photos. It will let me since I am logged in when I hit and copy & paste to make the link. I will try to figure out what I am doing wrong and we can try again. Sorry to waste anyone's time.

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doggonegardener(Wyoming, Zone 4)

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jamie68(z8 WA)

Very nice new garden!!! I love the look of the finished product, and the rock size, and placement is great. What plants did you plant??? How much sun does this area get?? What did you use in your soil...any amendments??? I always ask toomany questions, sorry...;)

I really like the garden!

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doggonegardener(Wyoming, Zone 4)

Don't know the scientific make up of our soil (pH and the likes). We have pretty good soil in most areas of our yard. We amended with a combination of manure and peat so that initially our hope was that the peat would help this area hold a bit more water. We get a lot of wind here in Wyo and this corner seems to be irreversibly dry. As far as plants, I would have to go out and pull the tags in most cases. We planted some Stepables, some columbine, some hens and chicks, some lilly of the valley, some strawberries. I intend to add some sedums from my other beds when we see what takes and how big it gets. The left side of the bed is on the south and gets sun in the late afternoon as the sun is low in the west. From the trunk to the fence is in good sun for a couple of hours. The right edge gets some morining sun from the south until the house is in the way. The rest of the bed is in partial shade the entire day.

We are nursing it along right now hoping to get everything established. We have our fingers crossed.

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