Planting garlic and onions together

becksterorange(6)August 30, 2010

This Spring I planted some onions. I harvested them and I thought I got them all. But, I guess i missed a bunch that didn't sprout. They are starting to regrow in random places in the rows that I planted them in. I was going to plant my garlic in October in one of the rows that has onion in it. My question is, if I plant my garlic in the same row with onion, will it affect the flavor?

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

I am kind of surprised that no one else has responded to this. Growing adjacently will have no effect on the flavor of the other. Flavor doesn't migrate through the soil! It takes regeneration after some kind of cross-pollination, seed or bulbils or whatever to accomplish mixing of the species which is unlikely - (didn't happen for me, with onions, garlic and shallots in three rows adjacent to each other), so I would tell you, "do it."
Don't know how over-wintered onions work. Never done it.

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